Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project: Smirnoff + Madonna Partnership


Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange strived to connect with their global nightlife community in a unifying fashion. Abroad 50 countries, they culminated a one-of-a-kind experience in which all countries participated in the same event at once—a showcase of Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange’s partnership with Madonna. This event was also the finale of a global dance competition in which a winner would have the opportunity to join Madonna’s MDMA global tour.


As a part of their mission to display the unity in nightlife, KTC integrated the brand into every facet of the event. Everything from custom cocktails at every bar, the grand prize dancer, social media content, a 30-second content spot, and the VIP experience for Madonna all were integrated with the Smirnoff brand.


The event resulted in monumental achievements including:

  • SOLD OUT finale with over 4,000 attendees
  • Smirnoff garnered a 30% increase in their fan shares
  • Smirnoff took up 76% of the share of voice in traditional media
  • Well over 300 million impressions
  • Multichannel press coverage spanning broadcast, print, and online reporting on VH1, The Huffington Post, People, The New York Post, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Perez Hilton, Daily Express, and MSN.