Viacom - MTV


MTV aimed to connect with their new-age millennial audience at the 2015 Bonnaroo Festival. They installed an interactive display created by artist Jen Lewin and desired to document the experience in a manner that would highlight MTV — and umbrella company Viacom — as an innovative voice for the generation.


KTC’s focal objective was to embody the eclectic energy and festival culture through on-site immersion. KTC conceptualized the treatment that successfully captured the youthful essence of millennials as they interacted with the art display enveloped into a vibrant recap video that transported viewers to the experience.


KTC’s final product shed a creative light on MTV and Viacom resulting in a visual narrative that illustrated youthful spirits as art. This creative content solution identified the client's need and executed a solution that not only solidified Viacom's validity and involvement in festivals such as Bonnaroo but gave MTV and Viacom the much needed resurgence and presence as a media icon in modern popular culture.